1 to 1 Advice, Coaching and Mentoring

Do you need project management coaching? Or mentoring? Or do you just need a PMO to tell you how to improve your project, your skills or your career?

Well, good news – because whether you’re trying to break into your first project management role, getting to grips with your first role, struggling with a project or are an experienced pro needing some additional insights – this is for you.

I’ve been a project manager, assurance manager and PMO manager and worked in a range of industry sectors, including banking, insurance, fintech, health and government. I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of project professionals in my career, giving me experience of so many challenges that project managers and PMOs face. My dealings with project managers – helping to find solutions to their problems, improving their skills and the outcomes of their projects – is the absolute favourite aspect of my career. It’s the part I’m most passionate about.

And, arguably, it’s the part of my career that I’m best at – because I think for every person I’ve worked with in this way, I’ve always managed to add at least one enhancement to their approach, one skill, one solution that has helped them for the rest of their career. So, let’s see if I can help you too!

1:1 Coaching/Mentoring/PMO Consulting

WHO: For project professionals at any point in their career, that have not been able to find the answer to a problem or challenge they are facing in their project or career from the videos and content I have already published; or who need specific advice on how to implement the advice.

WHAT: An in depth, focused one-to-one discussion via a 45 minute video call session with veteran project manager and PMO leader Stuart Taylor (me!) to discuss the challenges you are experiencing. This could be a one off call, or part of a series.

RESULT: Honest, unfiltered, specific feedback with solutions and recommendations where possible on how to resolve your challenges. If it is not possible for me to offer any solution, you get a refund.

PRICE (as of June 2023): £250. If you decide you would like a series of calls after the first call, there will be a discounted rate for the series.

WHEN: That’s up to you – check out the booking link below to see if any dates/times work for you. Over the next few weeks I will be adding new dates and blocking out entire days just to provide this service, so make sure to come back every now and then to check for updates.

​WHERE TO BOOK: https://calendly.com/influentialpmo/advice-call

Alternative Options

If you can not afford this yet, please do not purchase it.

There may be more affordable options out there, along with free information on YouTube. There are hundreds of incredible courses on LinkedIn Learning which you could access by getting a premium LinkedIn membership (check the details with LinkedIn first to confirm before you purchase).

Additionally, a lot of my knowledge is freely shared on my Influential PMO YouTube channel. Visit there to see if your questions are answered.

See you soon!