Problem: how do I demonstrate that I am a sufficient authority in this topic for you to continue reading…without coming across as pompous or too self-congratulatory?  How do I sell myself without exaggerating and misleading you?  How does this not read like a CV?

This is the page where I am supposed to rattle off the PRINCE2, MSP, MoR and P3O certificates that are hanging on the walls and casually chuck in the part about having over a decade of experience in project management in multiple sectors.  Maybe I should add the now mandatory-in-every-CV statement that I am “a dynamic, results oriented team player”?

Maybe it’s better if I just write the stuff that I know, and let someone else worry about writing my profile.  It’s usually a more reliable way to learn about someone.  Perhaps I should link to all of my glorious references then? 😉

No, what I’ll do is tell you the truth – the stuff that never goes on a CV or gets mentioned in an interview.  I’m a battle-hardened PMO that has repeatedly got into fights with friends, colleagues, bosses and boards – sometimes winning, sometimes losing – in my efforts to do the right thing.  I’ve seen teams lifted to great heights by inspiring leaders, and crushed by inadequate ones.  I’ve been beaten up, and I’ve dished out beatings.  I’ve survived where others have fallen and believe me, I have a lot to share.




Best wishes



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