Path To Red

Sabotage the PMO…with Unnecessary Job Titles

Ring ring. 


“Hi, it’s So & So from Agency That Sounds Vaguely Familiar. I found the CV you uploaded yesterday to I’m calling to see if you’re in the market right now?”

“Uh huh…” Glances nervously around the office. 

“Are you able to talk?”

“Just a second.” Deploying levels of stealth that would shame a ninja, I sneak from my desk in the direction of the stairwell that everyone uses when talking to recruiters. All of my colleagues look at eachother knowingly. Smart asses….


“We have a role that’s just come in, for a PMO.” Oh great. Now I have to ask what kind of PMO. But there’s no point because the caller clearly doesn’t know if it’s a manager, lead, head or analyst because if she did, she would have said. I’ll have to guess from the rate they’re offering…

“Could you tell me what rate you’re looking for?” Dammit!!!!

“Market rate. Top end.” Haha, ball’s back in your court. But I still have to ask, “What type of PMO are you looking for?”

“Errrrrm,” sound of papers rustling, “it’s a Finance PMO. Is that you?”

As in a PMO that has emerged from a finance background? A PMO that has finance qualifications? A PMO that’s also a finance partner? An accountant by day, PMO by night? An actuary that cracked under the sheer boredom of their job and sought the highs and lows of the most exciting profession on Earth and joined the murky world of PMOing?

Or just a PMO that can do their job in a project team that happens to be delivering a change to or with a finance team?

“Yes, that’s me,” I chirp. An answer I would have given for HR PMO, Executive PMO, Technology PMO, Government PMO, Deep Sea Diving PMO… If Baron Samedi himself needed his RAID attended to, his benefits tracked and someone to assure his project plan, I’d be calling myself a Voodoo PMO. 

“So, what’s your day rate?” Dammit!!!

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  1. In what world is a professional afraid of disclosing his worth? Or do you need others to tell you what you’re worth?

    • You make a good point and I accept everyone has a preferred approach to negotiations. I’d rather know up front what’s being offered before giving up a figure, simply because on occasions I’ve been offered more than I’d think to ask for.

      But I get your point about understanding your own worth. That’s important and I’d only consider going below that if the situation is dire.

    • I’m worth my weight in gold!!! But will I get that? No!!!.
      Knowing your worth, and what companies are willing to pay are 2 entirely different ends of the same spectrum. Hence needing to know the rate up front.
      When asked what rate I am seeking, I respond with “£1m per day, what are they offering?” This opens the negotiations by saying “If you don’t take the Micky, neither will I”

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