Project Management Is Sector Neutral

A few weeks ago, I posted on LinkedIn the following update:

A few years back I moved from NHS to Banking and was treated by my former colleagues as though I’d performed a miracle. To be fair, I’ve not known many that have crossed sectors in this way, so I can understand the surprise. But my fixed-term contract was ending and I had transferable skills (project management) so off I went.

Today I’m reading an article in Which? about the rise of the new digital banks like Atom, Charter Savings and Starling – many that are just app based without branches – and can’t help think how exciting the work in this sector is. There are so many opportunities for those with skills in project management, compliance, software development and customer services.

So I’d say to anyone outside of the sector, if you have transferable skills and a willingness to put the effort in, you can get involved. The door isn’t closed to you. So give it a go – you’ve nothing to lose!

I can not emphasise strongly enough how transferable project management skills are.  If you have experience and a structured approach to delivering projects, there is no reason you should ever be trapped in any one industry or sector.  You may find it easier to do so in the permanent job market rather than contracting, but you can move.  My project management career has so far seen me go from training, to recruitment, to government, to health, to banking and now to fintech.  So, as I said before, give it a go – you’ve nothing to lose.


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