Some Good Advice I Received Along the Way


  1. Listen!
  2. Always have your CV ready so it can be sent within 30 minutes of seeing the right job.  Even if you’re happy where you are.  Things can change fast.
  3. If you go contracting, don’t start spending more than when you were a permie.
  4. There is politics in every business.  Don’t be naïve enough to think otherwise.
  5. Take your destiny in your own hands. (Not sure he invented this saying…)
  6. If you accept you are going to be rained on, you’re not bothered when you get wet.
  7. If you want six figures, go contracting.
  8. Nobody wants to do analysis, but everyone wants someone that can analyse data.  If you can do it, you don’t often have to step up as everyone else is two steps back.
  9. You’re worth what the market says you’re worth.
  10. You’re worth whatever value you place on yourself.
  11. It’s all about the relationship.
  12. You need a thick skin in this job.
  13. You can have a good failure.
  14. Maybe you should read it again before you press “Publish”.


9 and 10, oddly, are both right…

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